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Welcome to my personal website. This is where I showcase various projects and demos I have worked on over the years. I have been a hobbyist developer since around 2000, and have developed a range of games, applications, tools and websites in that time. I have also worked on various enterprise level solutions as part of my university degree work.

My passion is game development and retro-gaming. I have released several titles on mobile platforms and I regularly take part in weekend game jams (game development in 48 hours). You can find links for all my games and jam entries below.

I also enjoy reading computer related literature; computer history, development team roots, software engineering principles, you name it!

Game Projects


48hr Game Jam Entries

This section contains all the entries I have made into various game jams. Typically, a game jam will last for 48 hours, you must work alone, the game and content must be created within the 48 hours and source code must be included in the release. I enjoy participating in the Ludum Dare events, for which you can find the rules for entry.

Nuclear Drone Tile


Fast 2D-Wipeout clone

A fast paced, top-down futuristic racing game developed in 48 hours.

Nuclear Drone Tile

Nuclear Drone

Post-apocalyptic family fun

Control a quadcopter in a post-apocalyptic city to rescue survivors and mount a resistance to alien invaders!

Tank Commander Tile

Tank Commander

Tank Management Sim

A tank micro-management game where you need to assign crew members to various functions of a tank and let them do their jobs

Melda Tile

Melda: The Monster

Zelda-esque dungeon crawler

Help Melda The Monster get these filthy humans out of her lair!

SelfieStick Heroine Tile

Selfie-Stick Heroine

Retro platformer throwback

Using your 'unconvential weapon' help the protagonist to save her city with her selfie-stick in this retro-platformer throwback

BushCraft Tile


Bare bones survival

You must collect food and water, build a shelter and fight off goblins - and its bloody cold outside!


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