Cargo Carry


About the Game

Play the next fun and exciting physics based racer, completely free!

See how far you can bring the cargo across several colorful levels, earning rewards and upgrading your vehicles as you go. The further you can get without dropping your cargo, the higher the rewards! Whether you race with your soapbox to deliver newspapers on time, or just want to spend time pulling tricks on your boss's pizza delivery bike, you're sure to have a good time.



  • 6 Unique vehicles with different physical characteristics
  • Each vehicle offers a different challenge for balancing the goods within, and controlling the mid-air behaviour is as important as controlling the vehicle's speed.

  • 5 distinct locations to race and test your skills
  • Each world location is richly detailed and engaging - with a progressive difficultly curve.

  • A huge collection of upgrades for each vehicle
  • Many systems on each vehicle can be upgraded to improve speed, physics and fuel consumption.

  • A dynamic trick system
  • Show you have truely mastered each vehicle by performing tricks and earning money


Official Game Trailer