D283 (Under Development)


D1825 is a resource gathering and survival game.

The game is set 5 years after an alien invasion of the Earth. The invasian wiped out all infrastructure and governments, planeted seeds to begin the terraforming of the surface, pushing the humans underground.

Following the destruction of all resistence, alien miners and profit seekers followed to exploit the planet and to be sold back on their home worlds. There are various groups of aliens

I am also working on a multiplayer version of the game with a 'vs' mode. 2-4 players start on a map and need to extract metals and minerals and bring them to a trading post on the surface. Each map has a target amount to acquire to win.

The main game mode (single/multiplayer) will be a survival sandbox world with procedurally generated content.


Game Background

An alien conglomerate controling a huge armarda has been systematically wiping out the defenses of resource rich worlds, allowing freelancering aliens to swoop in and extract all resources to be returned to the home-systems for profit.

You are one of many survivers, forced in many geographic locations to leave under ground due to on going terraforming of the planet and its atmosphere.

After the invasian, delagates of an alien conglomerate made contact with the human survivors via trading hubs established around the world. The intentions of the aliens was made clear:

Millenia ago, a group of alien home world started running low on resources. The aliens decided to band together and formal an intestrella exploratory force to traverse the galaxy for resources.

Upon discovering resource rich worlds, first an attack force is sent in to eliminate any governments and groups of in a process opening the planet up to explotation by alien corporations and profit seekers.