Selfie Stick Heroine

A Ludum Dare Compo entry (An Unconventional Weapon)


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  • Source Code: TBC
  • Timelapse: YouTube



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As is usual for the Ludum Dare, I recorded a timelapse video of the whole weekend. You can watch the 48 hour period in a little over 5 minutes in the video:


Lessons Learned


What went well ...

I really liked the color scheme for this game

And not so well ...

This time I got tripped up on the collision detection system. Although the simple collision cases were working, there were too many edge cases where the character would get caught up in the walls etc.

I only had time to make a few levels, and eahc one of those were quite simple. For Heroine I used a basic graphics texture for each level whereby each color channel represented a different aspect of a level (wall, floor, fruit etc.). In the future, it may be worth to switch to a dedicated editor and write an importer into the library.



Screeshot of Melda's title screen
Screenshot of Melda Gameplay