The Defence of Lushington Springs



I had already been developing desktop games using the XNA framework when Microsoft announced that XNA would be extended to allow deployment to Windows Phone 7, XBOX Live and the Zune HD, and it was shortly after this that I began working on 'The Defense of Lushington Springs'. To my surprise, in the antipication for the new Windows phone, the game received quite a bit of press in its early days and was covered in many 'upcoming Windows Phone 7 games' related articles on tech blogs at the time. This garnered attention ultimately provided the motivation I needed to finish the game. Lushington Springs then became the first game title I published to a mobile platform.

The premise of the game is simple, in a path-based tower defense style, one would have to prevent enemies from traversing the maps by building an array of different towers. For each enemy stopped, you would earn money which could be spent on larger and more powerful towers.


Below you can see the first prototype video for Lushington Spings from back in 2010. Despite the disclaimer for the 'developer' graphics, it turns out they didn't change much for the final release:


Since the release on Windows Phone the game has had over 500,000 downloads and has received an average rating of 4/5, with many players particularly enjoying the high difficulty of the game.

The game has since been released on the Google Playstore for Android, in both free and premium versions.



  • 7 Large Levels
  • Each level contains a different hi-resolution background and unlocks a piece of the story behind the 'defense of lushington springs'. Completing a level will unlock the next level.

  • 15 Units
  • There are 15 enemy unit types across land, sea and air which you'll have to compete against.

  • 15 Towers
  • The game features 15 different towers, in 5 different categories.

  • 22 Achievements
  • The achievement system tracks your progress over the life of the game and offers small rewards for milestones reached within the game. This provides for some extra challenges and helps keep the game engaging. In total there are 22 achievements to collect, and each achievement earns you points which can be used to get perks.

  • 5 Perks
  • Perks can be used to add imrpovements and unlock towers in the game. Points for perks are earned by completing achievements.


Official Game Trailer