My 48 hour compo entry for Ludum Dare #33


  • Download Link: TBC
  • Source Code: TBC
  • Timelapse: YouTube



The Melda gameplay was inspired by other games such as Zelda and The Bing of Isaac. You control a monster through a series of rooms and are required to clear the enemies from each room.

Because the theme was 'You are the Monster', I tried to switch the teams making you the monster but also the good guy; with the hunters invading your lair.

The mechanism I came up with for switching the rooms seems to work fine, but it definitely feels hacky a clunky. All rooms have the same dimensions and moving to the edge of the screen increases the camera position by the width of a room. While this works in principle, there are potential edges (like continuously moving diagonally during a room transition) which could throw the camera position out of sync. This isn't really a problem for such a small game jam, but something I'd like to fix in the post-jam version (coming soon).

In the end the game isn't too bad and is certainly functional, I also enjoyed the weekend which is always nice.



As is usual for the Ludum Dare, I recorded a timelapse video of the whole weekend. You can watch the 48 hour period in a little over 5 minutes in the video:


Lessons Learned

As per usual, some lessons learned to take into consideration in the future.


What went well ...

I managed to keep the scope of the game small and managable

The object oriented approach led to clean and scalable game objects, making this game easy to expand in the future.

And not so well ...

Corner cases in the room switching mechanism and not enough testing.



Screeshot of Melda's title screen
Screenshot of Melda Gameplay