Tank Commander

A Ludum Dare 48 hour compo entry (A Small World)


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  • Timelapse: YouTube



When the theme was announced for a 'game in one room' I pretty much knew what I wanted to do - a Faster Than Light-esque game where you had to control the actions of a crew of tank members (I had just watched the film 'Fury'). This was probably the fastest I had come up with an idea and so I was happy to begin the game development process and get somethin on the screen

The initial part of the development went pretty well and I managed to get the tank up and running in little time. Shortly after followed the tank crew controls and I thought I was onto a winner. Unfortunately when it came to generating the levels it was another story alogether. As usual I had underestimated just how complex it is to create psuedo-random content from scratch and the final result ended with very bland levels deprived of almost any kind of variety.

One of the points I am particularly happen with however is the tank driving mechanism - you don't directly control the tank but rather assign a driver and give a 'goto' vector on the map. The driver, depending on his driving skill level will drve there. The effect is really satifying and the path taken is usually sane - so that was nice.

Unfortunately this was another (the second) game jam event where I completely missed the submission cut off time. I realised of course somewhat before that time I wasn't going to make it, but I enjoyed the weekend overall and I am at least left with what is a pretty cool like proof-of-concept for something which could be followed up on in the future.



As usual, I captured the whole weekend and created a timelapse video for YouTube which you can watch to the right.


Lessons Learned


What went well ...

The indirect control of the tank is actually pretty cool and makes for some interest gameplay.

I managed to add some math functions to the LDLibrary which I hope will be useful and save me time in the next projects

And not so well ...

As has happened again and agiain, although I made good progress, I failed to complete a full game loop. The final version of the game is missing any objectives to complete the levels, and so you are left just driving around and shooting poeple

Another reocurring theme: completely missing music and soundFX. The same as previous jam entries, I flat ran out of time

I missed the submission deadline!



Animated gif of title screen
Screenshot of Nuclear Throne